Public Art Works & Sculptures

All Together Now –

Millburn, New Jersey

I was particularly excited that this sculpture project is for a park. A park is a place where people and nature intentionally coincide and it is a constantly changing scene.  Location: Taylor Park, 99 Main St, Millburn, NJ 07041

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Goals of Project

Recognizing that art can bring people together, the installation of public art in Taylor Park offers a space that invites positive expressions of community inclusivity and public engagement.

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Initial Proposal

The Township of Millburn, in cooperation with the Cultural Engagement Diversity and Arts Committee (CEDA) and the Art Advisory Committee (AAC), is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to invited artists in order to design, construct and install a three dimensional art piece in Taylor Park.

For the last few years I have been building geometric shapes to create figurative sculptures. I work mostly with wood, sometimes incorporating metal, clear acrylic or other materials. These simple shapes sometimes also suggest playfulness with gravity and intersections. Contrasting and primary colors help accentuate certain shapes and/ or areas. Reflections add another level of depth. I want my work not to just sit on earth or a pedestal but to interact with the earth and pedestal.

Just a Moment

Just A Moment (2 side view)

Meeting Over the Bridge

Meeting Over The Bridge, side 2

The Two Of Us


Slip Slide

On The Way To There

On The Way To There Detail

Attempted Martyr of Saint Sebastian

Attempted Martyr of Saint Sebastian

Attempted Martyr of Saint Sebastian, (2 sides)

The Multitasker, side 1

The Multitasker, side 2

Primal Dancing

Earth Piercing, New Hope PA

Hug, Florida, PA

Human / Earth / God, Montclair, NJ

The Game (detail), Carversville, PA

Coming Together, Jersey City, NJ

Lost & Found, Prototype

Recreating the Wheel



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Two Arcs

Sculpture Proposal for Hoboken, NJ

Sculpture Proposal for Hoboken, NJ