CEDA was established in 2019. Its first program aimed at broader inclusive community engagement including often underrepresented sub communities within the township, titled “Millwheels Rolling into Millburn”, sought the artistic talents of local organizations to take the blank canvas of a water wheel and make it their own, to be displayed in Taylor Park for two months. Twenty-four (24) organizations participated, with large numbers of the community coming out to see the showcased wheels and to celebrate the various organizations that took part. Each wheel was created by a different cultural group or local organization within the township and reflects a unique interpretation of the beauty of Millburn and our community.

Pictures of the event can be found here: twp.millburn.nj.us/MRIM

The Art Advisory Committee was formed in 1998 to advise and assist the Township Committee in developing and maintaining the township’s art collection. Its functions include appraisal, display, disposition, maintenance, security, and storage of the township’s art assets. The AAC has coordinated the installation of two public art displays at the Millburn Public Library, and presents a number of Millburn High School Senior and Junior AP Art students with merit scholarships annually. The Art Advisory Committee’s website can be found here: mshartsadvisorycommittee.wordpress.com/

The Township of Millburn, CEDA, and AAC are arranging for the installation of a permanent art piece that will represent the town’s history, diversity, and as it is today. A brief history of the township can be found here: twp.millburn.nj.us/history .

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